Mozart ‘Mass in C Minor’ May 2018:

“Congratulations on a fantastic performance from the choir and a wonderful evening of music-making! It was a pleasure to perform with Stafford Choral Society. I should be delighted to sing for you again.” Nia Coleman (Soprano)

“Thank you inviting me to sing with the choir again on Saturday! It was such an enjoyable and wonderful concert to be a part of. I would love to come back and perform with the choir again in the future if there is an opportunity. All the best for your summer concert and look forward to hearing of the choir’s progress in the future.”  Charlotte Trepess (Soprano)



Responses to ‘Dream of Gerontius’ June 2017:

I was lucky enough to be at your wonderful anniversary concert in Lichfield cathedral. Glorious venue, inspiring Elgar work, amazing soloists so full of conviction, great playing by the orchestra and singing by the choir; superb direction, emotionally charged and dramatic. I could go on! Many thanks to all the performers and organisers for a most memorable concert.


Wonderful concert in Lichfield Cathedral  – Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius. Congratulations to Stafford Choral Society, the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir, soloists Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Robert Murray and Matthew Brook and the Brayside Orchestra. Especial thanks go to our dream team of Pete Durrant (accompanist) and David Young (conductor) for all their hard work, support and patience .


 Response to our Gerontius concert from our Musical Director, David Young: Congratulations to everyone for their outstanding efforts in both rehearsal and performance. I knew that you would rise to the occasion, and I knew that we were well-prepared, but I did not anticipate quite what heights you as a choir would reach… In all, I would say that the performance the choir gave during the concert on Saturday night was undoubtedly the best we have produced together. Well done for all your hard work… It’s been a pleasure to explore this music with you and an even greater pleasure to share the fruits of our labours with others. Thank you for everything you have done this year and congratulations again for your superb efforts. To have so many people invested in music for a few hours makes everything I do, and everything we do together, worthwhile….The concert on Saturday night, and the rehearsals leading up to it, were wonderful experiences for all of us, and I hope that you all really enjoyed performing that piece in such an incredible setting. But to me, it was such a truly exceptional experience because we were able to share it with so many other people, and because we could give something to them. That is what is so worthwhile about making music together, and I have had a tremendous time doing that with you all this year.I could go on! Many many thanks to all the performers and organizers for a most memorable occasion.